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Ease Local Transport
Ease Local Transport

Quick calling

After the initial call, the application places calls on your behalf to each of the contacts listed in the group. No fuss with making many phone calls.

Material Sharing

Use this option to share all of your crucial documents, whether or not they were addressed during the session.

Plan Meeting

Utilise the app you talked about with your clients on the call to schedule and arrange your meetings



Mark Call Status

Mark the status of your call and track them for later records and follow-ups.


Add Call Reviews & Recording

Maintain all call reviews for a better customer satisfaction. Keep up with what your customers actually are looking for.


Remote Working Facility

Application being installed on the phone helps one to work from anywhere, while saving office maintenance costs.


Quick Sharing

Share all your documents rapidly and without any inconvenience.


Set Calling Reminder

Set notifications about making target calls for your employees after specific time intervals.


No Hassle of Dialing

No need to dial numbers repeatedly, application makes automatic calls to the contacts assigned in the group, after you make the first call.


Auto Reporting

Get an automatic report and update on all the calls made.


Ease of Grouping

Assign all your contacts swiftly to the specific groups and category they belong to.

Easy Team & Data Management


A smart caller sets clear goals for themselves. By planning carefully and avoiding common pitfalls, you can master cold calling and make your calls intelligent. Learn more about your prospect by using digital research tools and social media.

Admin Panel Feature

Organize Team & Data

Obtain a Particular Output From Status

Mark the call's status and receive detailed status output.

Assign specific caller information

Give the caller specialised information that is suitable for the categories that suit them the best.

Track Caller Performance

Observe the equipment your callers are using, and based on call recordings, determine how productive they are.

Caller's Work Alert

Callers get work notifications instructing them to make allocated calls after a predetermined time lapse.

Report on Meetings

Obtain a thorough review of the meetings the callers had with potential clients.

No additional device costs

All of the work can be completed on the mobile phone itself using the ELC programme. It directly reduces the price of additional devices like PCs.

Track More Than 100 Callers at Once

Keep track of all of the calls at once. Making multitasking simpler.

Recorded Train & Track Caller

By monitoring their calls, you may educate your callers on the dos and don'ts of the industry.

Office Costs can be Reduced by Using Mobile Calling

Making calls on personal mobile phones saves the business money on overhead expenses.

With Just One Click, Access New Calling Data

Once the callers have used all the available info, additional data is only a click away.

Export Filtered Data Reports

Set a filter for the highly significant and useful reports.

One-Click Upload of New Calling Data

You may quickly upload calling data by dragging and dropping your downloaded CSV file, a model file for clarification.

Data Security Is Our Top Priority

The security of all personal data is our top priority, thus we have created rules to prevent data breaches.


Increase Efficiency & Reduce cost. All Available at Small Toll

Yearly Pack

3600 (₹300) per month
  • For 1 caller
  • Setup & Training
  • Regular App Updates
  • voice & Video Call Support

3 Year Pack

7000 (₹195) per month
  • For 1 caller
  • Setup & Training
  • Regular App Updates
  • voice & Video Call Support

15 Year Pack

20000 (₹112) per month
  • For 1 caller
  • Setup & Training
  • Regular App Updates
  • voice & Video Call Support

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